A roaring fire

Advantages of Adding A Fireplace To Your Home in London

Fireplaces are hugely desirable and they will add value to your London home as well as making your stay there far more pleasant and enjoyable. There are tonnes of benefits to installing a gas, coal or log fire in your London home and here we explore why you should install one now:

1. They add value and desirability

Fireplaces can increase the value of a home significantly, not least because of the added wow- factor that a fireplace can add. Fireplaces will commonly pay for themselves in added value when you come to sell.

2. Reduce your heating costs

A coal, log or gas fire can reduce your heating costs because they can allow you to heat a zone of the house where you are relaxing. Instead of heating the whole property you can heat the living room using coal, logs or gas for a fraction of the price of heating the whole property.

3. Easy installation

Not all fireplaces are easy to install but you can get small units powered by calor gas bottles that can be installed with ease into bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens or even bedrooms. With a simple remote control you can start your fire blazing and heat your room quickly and effectively without significant installation costs.

4. Fire is calming

Humans have an inbuilt attraction to fire and flames and an open fire or log burner can have a calming effect on the whole household. The soul-soothing impact of bringing a fire into your home can help you to experience the benefits of deep relaxation and will make your home into a happier place.

5. Transform your home with one investment

One simple investment into a fire can transform the home and make a new social hotspot. If there is a living area that is under-utilised then installing a fire can attract people in and make the family start to use this space. When you come to sell this will also be an attraction if the buyer can see the use and benefit of the rooms on offer.

Adding a fireplace to your home in London is an affordable investment that will usually pay for itself in added property value. It can also greatly improve your lifestyle and transform your home into a much more comfortable place to be.