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Advantages of Solid Fuels – Choosing Between Gases And Solid Fuels

There are two distinct categories of home fuel – solid fuels and gases. Each category has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. If you are currently trying to decide between gases and solid fuels, it’s important to understand what these advantages and drawbacks are. Here at London Gases, we’re passionate about helping consumers choose the right fuel for their needs. That’s why we want to use today’s blog to directly compare the two different fuel categories. We hope that our expert comparison helps you make an informed decision.

1. Cost

Gas fuels (such as Calor gas bottles) are very efficient. They produce a lot of thermal energy using very little fuel. As a result, a given quantity of gas often lasts longer than an equivalent quantity of solid fuel. Ergo, using gas fuel can be more cost-effective in the long run. However, solid fuels are generally more affordable up-front, whereas gases tend to be a little more expensive. If you need to save money over a long period, gases are the superior choice. If you need to save money today, solid fuels are preferable.

2. Portability

Gases have a definite edge over solid fuels when it comes to portability. Because they are supplied in easy-to-handle, self-contained canisters or bottles, they are much easier to move around than solid fuels. What’s more, because gases are more efficient, you don’t have to transport such large quantities in order to meet your fuel requirements when you reach your destination. One or two gas canisters can be moved around much more easily than a large bag of coal or logs. This makes bottled gas ideal for campers and travellers, but solid fuel remains a viable option if you want to heat your home or another stationary locale.

3. Versatility

Solid fuels are more versatile than gases: they can be used in most fuel-burning fires, stoves and boilers. In contrast, to use a gas canister, you need a gas-burning device that is compatible with that type and size of canister. If versatility is important to you, opting for solid fuels may be wise. However, if you’re confident that you have (or can obtain) the correct devices, gas is a perfectly serviceable alternative.

Both types of fuel are equally useful in different situations. We supply both, so take a look at our product pages once you’ve decided which one is right for you.