At home or on holiday – have a gas all year round

There are many ways in which gas bottles can be used for leisure activities throughout the year, not just during the warm summer months when BBQs are at the height of their popularity.

Alfresco social events, whenever you want

Actually, gathering family and friends at an outdoor social event that involves eating, drinking, conversation and fun and games needn’t be restricted to just July and August. After all, the rising popularity of patio heaters means that outdoor garden activities can be savoured at almost any time of the year. For instance, a patio heater can be fuelled using a gas or propane bottle; a portable heater fired-up with a butane or gas cube cylinder will ensure that folk will soon forget the actual open-air temperature. Thanks to BBQ gas, outdoor get-togethers can be enjoyed pretty much whenever you like.

Gas bottles for travel

And while peak holidaying typically occurs from mid-June through to the beginning of September, there are many people who choose to vacation at other times of the year. If a family owns a caravan or a motorhome, and there’s a week or two free during, say, the Easter holidays or at half term in late October, this is an ideal time to enjoy a break in another part of the UK – or another part of the world entirely. For such holidaymakers, sufficient numbers of Calor gas bottles or other propane gas products are an absolute must.

Happy campers

The same can be said of campers, particularly those hardy individuals who enjoy braving the worst that the British weather has to throw at them. Any camper worth his or her salt knows that a bottle of patio gas or butane is a sure way of enjoying at least one hot meal a day when there is no access to a home kitchen, restaurant or hotel.

London Gases

If you have a social event planned or a camping or caravan holiday you’re looking forward to, we have a full range of gas bottles that will help you keep you and your family and friends warm, fed and, above all, content. We deliver anywhere within London, too.