Tent by a forrest in snow

Autumn/winter camping essentials: what do you need to take with you?

Camping is something that grows in popularity around the UK with each passing year. While many think that it is mainly a summer activity, it is great fun to get into the outdoors over autumn and winter too. The colours and sights at this time of year are unique and well worth seeing. Before you head out though, you need to pack the right things for being outside when it's colder. But what are the major pieces of kit to take?

Camping gas

One real camping essential for colder months is camping gas. Lightweight Butane Calor gas bottles are great value for money and easy to carry with you. They are also compact in size so will not take up lots of space in your car, when driving to your drop-off point or camping site. But why are Calor gas bottles like this so useful for autumn/winter camping trips? The major reason is that they let you warm up food and drink, while also providing heat as they cook. This means you can stay warm and well-fed when away.

Spare, warm clothes

Camping over autumn/winter can be really special for the magical feel this time of year has. It is not so great though if you fall into an icy river or get soaking wet from a storm. Staying in wet clothes at this time of year can be very dangerous, due to the lower temperatures and possibility of hypothermia. With this in mind, it is vital to pack spare, warm clothes to change into if needed.

Gloves, coats and a suitable tent

As well as spare clothes, you should pay attention to what you wear normally when camping in autumn and winter. The chilly feel and possibility of snow, rain, wind and ice are always something to be aware of. It is therefore worth wearing gloves to keep your hands warm and a suitable coat to keep your body cosy. When the evening comes, a tent which protects you from the elements and a snug high tog sleeping bag with lots of insulation is also wise.

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