Person cleaning a bbq

BBQ Cleaning Tips – Three Things To Avoid

Once you’ve used your gas BBQ, you’re left with the less than pleasurable task of cleaning it up. It’s about as much fun as cleaning the oven, and potentially even trickier. There are some tricks of the trade we can teach you to make it a little easier. We can’t make it more fun, but hopefully it will save you some time.

1. Oven cleaner

First of all, don’t go near your gas BBQ with a can of oven cleaner. Yes, it’s tempting, but you can ruin your grill if you use a product which isn’t meant for the workings of your BBQ. The chemical ingredients in oven cleaners can cling to the grill, and transfer to your food the next time you cook. They’re also potent, so you’ll see paint eroding and damage to stainless steel parts. Plus, they’re awful if you breathe them in, and even worse on a hot day.

2. Wire wool

Second, put down the wire wool. Your stainless steel grill is not designed to be attacked by such an abrasive material, and there’s no way it will give you the lovely shine which stainless steel has. A simple rinse in soapy water (a mix of washing up liquid and water) followed by a quick rinse with plain water will be just fine. To restore the shine, you can buy special polishes intended for stainless steel. Can’t get stubborn dirt to shift? Get yourself a non-scratch scrubbing pan, just like you’d use on non-stick pans, and try that. Remember not to go against the grain, because you’ll damage the surface. Test your method in an out-of-sight area if you’re not sure.

3. Foil

One of the greatest myths we hear about cleaning a gas BBQ is that you can wrap your grill up in foil, trapping any food particles, and crank up the gas to incinerate them. This may have been fine many years ago, when gas BBQs were more like industrial grills, but modern grills are not designed for this sort of treatment, and you’re asking for trouble. Constant high heat, trapped inside a sandwich of foil, can lead to overheating, melting your components, paint failing and perhaps most dangerous of all, a fire. Any or all of these will almost certainly void your BBQ warranty.

When you’re finished with your cleaning, reconnect your Calor gas bottles and fire up the burners for a pre-heat session. This will banish any bits of grease or dirt you’ve missed and kill any lurking germs; and once sprayed with oil, season your grill ready for the next BBQ session. Forgotten to top up your BBQ gas supply? No problem – give London Gases a call, and we’ll bring the gas to you, wherever you are in London.