People sitting on the grass in a park

BBQ Parks in London – Get Grilling In The Parks

Londoners are lucky to have a great selection of parks to visit, and with the warm summer weather looking like it’s finally ready to make an appearance, why not take your barbecue along with you for a really special summer evening? Yes – we’re not kidding, some parks allow you to take your grill with you, so grab your Calor gas bottles from London Gases and get down to those grassy spots. But where can you find them?

1) London Fields

This has to be prime outdoor barbecue territory. Located in Hackney, there’s an actual barbecue zone within it, reserved for those of you who want to cook. There are some common sense rules to follow though, like a cut off time of 9pm for cooking, no ball games near the cooking zone, and disposable barbecue being placed on metal stands, rather than bricks or stones.

2) Lincoln’s Inn Fields

The Evening Standard recently rang the council who confirmed that you can barbecue here. However, disposable barbecue aren’t allowed, presumably due to the risk of the grass getting damaged, so grab your gas barbecue and enjoy the evening. There are special barbecue bins where your waste can be thrown away. Really convenient for both Chancery Lane and Holborn, so grab your food en route and get grilling.

3) Caledonian Park

One of Islington’s beautiful parks, Caledonian provides 18 acres of quiet enjoyment. With lots of nature trails, why not enjoy a hike along the Darwin Trail to work up your appetite for a really delicious barbecue supper?

4) Burgess Park

This is the only park in Southwark which allows barbecue, so you may find yourself among other grill- minded people who can share tips with you. Do stick to the rules though – there are wardens around who will make sure you’re following the guidelines.

5) Gillespie Park

Another Islington favourite, Gillespie Park is the most beautiful place to barbecue. There’s a nature reserve featuring a pond, natural woodland and meadows. Clearly, you shouldn’t cook inside the reserve, but head out into the grassy field and grill to your heart’s content.

Ready to get grilling? London Gases have got the gas bottles you need for your barbecue, and we’ll deliver it to your door, so there’s no reason to miss out on the great outdoor grill season.