Benefits of using gas canisters when camping

Going camping in the last few weeks of summer? Here are three reasons to use one of our gas canisters next time you head for the great outdoors.


There are several ways to buy gas from us depending on how frequently you go camping. If you don’t go camping regularly but enjoy the odd trip, a 4.5kg butane gas canister is perfect for your needs. It’s the ideal size for transportation and can be used with single and double-burner appliances, so you can cook some delicious food for yourself on a camping stove.

If you are a more frequent camper, you can hire the cylinder from us for however long you would like and only keep paying for refills. Remember that if you are using gas on any appliances during your getaway, a good-quality regulator is a must. Our butane screw-in exclusively fits our 4.5kg canister and will ensure you are always using a safe amount of gas.

Simple and straightforward

With advanced technology, campers can now choose the option of buying electric travel cookers and other essential gadgets without the hassle of using gas. However, some campsites do not have access to any electricity ports, which is problematic if one of your appliances needs recharging.

With propane or butane, you can rest assured that you will never encounter this problem. Plus, if you want to retain the traditional style of camping, using gas is a great option to choose over more modern amenities.


The benefit you will be most thankful for is that gas is weightless, save for the outer casing, so if you plan to hike to your chosen campsite, you will be able to make this journey very comfortably. Our canisters are guaranteed not to weigh you down.

Their sleek, smooth shape and durable metal casing make them perfect for transporting by foot over long distances with minimal risk of damage. You can clip the canister onto your backpack with a carabiner, or simply slip it inside if there is any extra space.

If you need any gas to power your next camping trip, visit us at London Gases or give our team a call today to place your order.