Best BBQ in London – Looking To Throw The Best Event Ever?

Planning to throw the best BBQ Party ever? Here’s a few musts before you invite guests over to give them a barbecue they will really remember!

Marinate your meats for extra flavour

There’s nothing like a juicy piece of meat that is packing flavour. That’s why it’s important to always marinate your meats. Chicken, pork and beef all benefit from a tasty coating. It makes your BBQ smell better and enhances the flavour.

The best thing is you can choose from all sorts of sauces and marinades nowadays – hot & spicy, Chinese, piri-piri and sweet BBQ are just a few of your options.

Always have a mixture of meats available

BBQs are a social gathering and you can guarantee not everybody will have the same tastes. Some people will love their steak, while some guests may only eat white meat. Then you have those pesky pescatarians that only eat fish.

Avoid the hassle of complaints and unfed guests by catering for everyone. Get a good mix of meats on that BBQ so you please all your visitors. They will remember and appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Use a gas BBQ

While some people still vouch for charcoal barbecues, the truth is there is only one way to do your BBQ: gas. For one thing, they are more convenient especially when you have lots of hungry guests waiting to be fed. You are also in control of the temperature and the cooking speed than when using a charcoal or wood BBQ.

There’s a mistaken belief that your meat will be more flavoursome if you use a charcoal BBQ, but it’s simply not true. The quality of cooking and heat is more consistent from a gas BBQ.

It’s not all about meat

To create the perfect BBQ you must have other extras. Side dishes and drinks are also part and parcel. Remember to include coleslaw, potato salad, and of course, a nice trifle to finish.

Don’t forget the drinks – wine, beer and soft drinks too. You can even hire working taps with beer gas to make your party even more swanky. Most importantly, just remember to enjoy yourself!

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