Person laying with their feet out of a tent doorway

Camping during Spring: 3 pieces of kit everyone should pack

Winter is tough on anyone who enjoys camping! While you can still head out and make the most of it, getting wet or muddy is not always the best experience. Spring, however, is a different kettle of fish altogether. As temperatures begin to warm up and more sun helps to dry out the ground, camping at this time of year is lots of fun. Of course, the days are longer and the nights lighter too which also makes it more appealing. Before you head out on your first camping trip of Spring though, you need to have the right kit with you. But what should you be tucking into your rucksack before moving out?

Camping stove and gas

Unless you are a seasoned survival expert, creating your own open fire when camping can be tricky. This can be even harder in Spring if the wood where you're camping has not fully dried out from Winter yet. If you can't get it going, you face a cold night with nothing to cook food or boil water on. This makes taking a proper camping stove and a bottle of gas the best choice for most. These are safe to use and quick so you can simply get on with making hot food or drinks when needed.

First-aid supplies

No-one plans to get injured when out camping over Spring but it can happen. Whether it is a splinter from a branch or you have cut yourself with a knife, having the right kit with you is vital. Make sure that you put a first-aid pack together with all the essential items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream, painkillers and tweezers. Have it with you or close by when camping at all times so you can reach it quickly if needed.

Sunglasses and a decent coat

While Spring is normally drier and sunnier, you cannot always rely on this 100% of the time in the UK. A good tip, therefore, is to take a waterproof jacket with you – even if you do not wear it, you will be able to put it on and stay dry in any downpours. Another handy idea is to take sunglasses with you. As the sun should be out more, you need to protect your eyes from its UV rays.

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