A happy family bbq

Can I BBQ In Public Places?

With the great British summertime just around the corner, it's only natural that our minds turn to barbecues – from sausage sandwiches to pulled pork and even toasted marshmallows, there's nothing that doesn't taste better cooked on a BBQ and eaten outside.

Can I BBQ on public land?

But just where is it acceptable to have a BBQ? Obviously on your own land you can do as you wish, but it's often tempting to take a BBQ party to the beach or the park; where do you stand? The best assumption to make is usually that it's allowed providing no signs suggest otherwise.

BBQs in parks

Parks and woodlands which are at high risk of wildfires or which are very manicured may have rules against using BBQs, but if they do you should see them clearly displayed. Some places allow BBQs under certain conditions – not used on the grass and disposed of correctly, for instance.

Having a beach BBQ

One of the safest bets is usually the beach. With nothing to spoil or set fire to, there's no reason you shouldn't be allowed to use a BBQ on the beach providing you do so in a responsible manner, and clean up any mess that you make. People often make the mistake of resorting to disposable BBQs when they head away from the home, but although transporting a BBQ and BBQ gas may be a bit of a pain, it will pay off in the quality of your food. You can keep the BBQ hot for as long as you need it and food is likely to cook more evenly throughout.

Thinking ahead

Think too about food hygiene. Without a fridge to keep meat cool it should definitely be stored in a cool box for the journey, and cooked and eaten as soon as possible. You can always skip that problem and opt for a veggie BBQ if you're concerned.

Finally, have fun! There's no better feeling than being out in the great outdoors, cooking your own food with beautiful scenery in the background. Summer was made for BBQs, so make the most of it while you can! Here at London Gases we can deliver BBQ gas direct to your door – so you're ready to go BBQ outdoors whenever the mood strikes!