A man using a chainsaw to cut into a tree

Chainsaw For Cutting Logs – Safety Tips

If you have an open fire or a log burner, you will now be preparing your fuel supply for the coming winter months. Although the logs you buy from your London supplier will be ready-seasoned so that they will burn well and with maximum heat output, you may find that they need cutting to size, depending on what you want them for.

The quickest way to cut logs is with a chainsaw, especially if you need a large amount to tide you over during autumn and winter. However, this can be dangerous if you don’t exercise caution.


The first thing you must have before you begin working with the chainsaw is the correct safety equipment.

You will need:

Head and face protection is essential to protect your eyes from flying splinters that could easily cause a very serious injury. Rather than purchasing separate items, you could use a helmet with ear protectors and an integral mesh face guard.

Chainsaw chaps are also essential. Chaps are fabricated using multiple layers of Kevlar hidden beneath a nylon outer layer. If the chainsaw accidentally comes into contact with the chaps, it will only penetrate the shell, rather than inflicting injury to the flesh beneath. The Kevlar puts up a high degree of resistance, stopping the saw in seconds by snagging the fabric of the garment in the chain.

Where to do the job

Choose somewhere safe to carry out this task. Avoid areas near to greenhouses or conservatories that could be damaged by flying fragments of wood, and try to choose a dry area so that your freshly cut logs don’t get damp. Keep a wheelbarrow close by so that you can easily transport your cut wood to your log store.

In conclusion

If you want to cut your seasoned firewood to size using a chainsaw, you should bear in mind the safety guidelines outlined above. If you don’t feel confident in using a chainsaw to cut your logs, it may be best to ask your supplier for logs that are already a suitable size for your purpose.

For more information on seasoned firewood and logs, contact the helpful team at London Gases.