Choosing The Perfect Fuel For Christmas

Christmas comes just once a year, which is why it’s very important to choose the perfect fuel to keep you warm over the festive period. It might seem like a simple choice, but each of the options has its own advantages and drawbacks, which you should consider carefully. We think that there are three major choices. We’ll explore them in today’s blog.

1. Logs

Firewood logs are the traditional Christmas fuel-choice. They have a beautiful aroma and crackle pleasantly when burned. What’s more, many Christmas traditions call for a log fire. There’s no denying that roasting chestnuts hanging your Christmas stockings is more satisfying with an authentic log fire.

If you have a central heating and aren’t completely reliant on fuel-burning to keep you warm over the Christmas period, logs are a fantastic choice. However, it’s worth noting that they aren’t quite as efficient as other fuels and take up a lot of storage space. If you’re going to rely on a single type of fuel for all of the winter (as well as Christmas), logs might be a little inconvenient.

2. Coal

Coal doesn’t have the same traditional appeal as firewood. However, as we’ve stated in previous blogs, it burns much more efficiently than wood. Whereas wood produces up to 9,000 BTUs of thermal energy per pound, coal produces up to 14,000 BTUs. It’s also more compact, making it easier to store. While it doesn’t have the same aroma or crackle as wood, coal can still be used in many traditional-style fireplaces to help cultivate a Christmassy feel. If you need to compromise between festive feeling and practicality, coal is a good choice.

3. Gas

Propane and butane are both much more efficient than either coal or wood. Because they come in neat, compact cylinders, they are also easier to store. A gas fireplace can be Christmassy, provided you own one with a quaint design. However, the main appeal of gas is that it can be used throughout the festive period and throughout winter without causing any inconvenience. You don’t need much of it to see you through the cold months and what you do need is easy to store.

Whether you choose fanciful fireplace logs, pragmatic gas or reliable coal, we can help. Here at London Gases, we sell a wide range of Calor gas bottles and solid fuels, so check our selection today.