Man in rubber gloves cleaning a bbq

Cleaning Your Bbq In Time For Summer

While now is the time for mistletoe, tinsel and blazing fires, you may be pining for next summer's barbecue season. However, that means proper cleaning and storage now, to save yourself the hassle and trouble down the road.

Here at London Gases, we sell BBQ gases all year-round. Here are some of our top BBQ cleaning tips:

Clean the grill

Dig your barbecue out of the shed, start the grill up and let it run on a high heat to ensure any remaining foodstuff is burnt off the grill. Use a wire grill brush to scrape the food off. Allow around 15 to 20 minutes for this, before letting the grill cool down.

Cleaning the grill gates and interior

Once the grill has cooled down, use hot, soapy water or oven cleaner to banish the stubborn food particles still clinging to the grill. Ensure the grill grates are rinsed thoroughly with clean water so no soap residue is left over. Then, remove the grates and clean and scrub the inside of the grill.

Clean the outside of the grill

Wipe down the outside of the grill, including the propane gas tank and all hoses using a damp cloth and hot, soapy water. If you feel especially energetic, do the inside of the lid where all of that carbon build up is and finish off by hosing down the grill cover.

Check grill owners manual and perform basic maintenance

Regular maintenance tips are usually detailed in the owner's manual and this is also the ideal time to make any necessary repairs. Check your owner's manual and follow any manufacturer's suggestions before you put your grill away for the winter.

Storage tips

If possible, store your grill inside, in a dry location, to protect it from inclement weather. A garage, storage room, closet, or even a shed is ideal, but if not available, storing under a waterproof cover should do the trick. Then, once the warm weather returns in June, July and August, you'll be all set to get frying again!