Dick Van Dyke as Bert the Chimney sweep from Mary Poppins

Coal Fire Safety Tips Over Christmas

There is nothing like an open fire to keep you cosy over Christmas. One of the most popular fuels to use is coal as it is great value for money and simple to get a fire going with. Not only will coal fires keep winter chills at bay but they will also produce lovely flickering shadow effects on your wall when dark.

However, as with all open fires, you need to make sure you stay safe when using coal. Here are some great tips to help you do just that.

Get your chimney swept and flue inspected

One essential thing to do before attempting to start using coal on your fire is to get your chimney swept. You should employ a professional chimney sweep so it is done to the highest standards. Having a sweep do this and also inspect the flue will flag up any potential blockages or repairs that need carrying out. If your chimney or flue is not in good working order, there is the real chance of a fire starting when used or smoke coming back into the house.

Use a fireguard

As with any kind of open fire, you should always have a guard in place when enjoying your coal fire. This will prevent any children from touching the hot coal by mistake or even falling into the fire itself. In truth, this is necessary even if you have no young kids around as it just keeps everyone safe. As well as this, it will also keep any embers or lumps of coal from jumping out of the fire onto any flammable materials nearby.

Ensure your coal fire is out before going to bed

You should always be careful to fully extinguish your coal fire before going up to bed. Coal fires should never be left unattended when lit as there is no-one around to prevent disasters from occurring, such as embers falling onto carpets. This also makes it important to check that the smoke alarms are working in your home. Doing this will ensure that, if there is a problem when you are asleep, the alarm will give you enough warning to escape.

Let London Gas supply the coal you need

If you remember to follow the above basic safety tips then you will enjoy your coal fire this Christmas without any drama. Here at London Gas, we can supply coal to homes in the London area so you always have the right fuel in storage, ready to use. Give us a call today to find out more.