Glowing Hot coals

Common mistakes to avoid when lighting a coal fire this winter

As the winter really starts to take its icy grip, more of us are hunkering down inside for cosy nights in. This is especially true over the Xmas and New Year period where snuggling up on the sofa in the warm is simply fabulous. One way of staying warm that is both effective and appealing is to light a coal fire. When done right, the warm glow and gently flickering flames will add some festive cheer to any home.

Many people with open fires though struggle at times to get this magical effect. Very often, this is down to some simple mistakes that are easy to make when lighting the fire. Here are some of the most common to avoid.

Failing to clean out the fireplace

You just cannot start building a new fire on top of an old one and expect it to work out. Old cinders or ash will restrict the flow of air which will then hamper how well the fire burns. Old ash which is pressed against the bars of your fireplace can also overheat and then not burn for the optimum amount of time. To avoid this, all you have to do is rake the leftovers from your last fire out and keep back any cinders to use again.

Too much paper which is rolled too tight

As anyone who has ever built a coal fire knows, it is something of an art. The act of using rolled-up newspaper, to begin with, is a classic case in point. Many make the mistake of putting too much on which then clogs up the bars of the fireplace. Screwing the newspaper up too tightly is another mistake to swerve as this reduces the internal surface area which is key to a good fire. It is much better to gently screw your newspaper up and use just enough to cover the grill.

Not stacking your wood properly

If you throw firewood on top of your newspaper any old way and then expect your coal to burn properly when added, you will be disappointed. It is key to stack your firewood in a criss-cross pattern so it ends up looking like a wooden palette in shape. This will give proper support to the coal when added and help the whole fire to burn well.

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