A roaring fire

Creating A Cosy Log Fire

Winter has so many benefits. Enjoying a real log fire, we'd say, is one of them.

There's something very ancient about a real log fire that can't be matched by any alternatives that our hi-tech times have given us. Lighting a fire is such a satisfying experience, too. Here are our tips for seamlessly creating a cosy log fire:

1 Prepare properly

Whether you use a log burner or an open fire, make sure that you check the draft first. Simply light a match in your log burner or in the fireplace and see if the flame is drawn upwards. That will tell you that all is clear for you to start the fire and that it will draw as you'll want it to.

2 Start small

The traditional ways are the best. Roll up some balls of newspaper, tight but not too tight because you want some air to get in. Lay some few sticks of dry kindling in a pyramid shape over the newspaper balls. Make sure your logs are on standby, then light the newspaper.

3 Add logs only when the fire is established

Things are going to happen quite quickly now, but make sure you don't just throw on the logs the minute you see a flame. That's just going to extinguish your fire before it's started. Allow the flames properly to catch the kindling then gently – and carefully! – add logs to the established blaze. Again, just one or two will do it.

4 Always watch your fire as it's getting going

Log fires reward attention. It's not going to take long and you'll be pleased with the result. Once the logs have flames of their own, add a few more to keep the fire well fed. In a surprisingly short time, the fire will have a stability all of its own as the red hot parts of the log radiate heat.

5 Safety

Log fires are as safe as those who make them. Damp down at night and always make sure you don't leave youngsters unattended with your fire. Have questions about your log fire?

At London Gases we can offer you any advice you need as well as provide replacement logs, kindling and firelighters to see you through winter. Why not give us a call today on 020 8807 4633?