A roaring fire

Creating a Hygge This Christmas by Fireplace

A Danish phenomena which has recently taken the UK by storm, Hygge is the art of living well and simply. Centred around the notion of being 'cosy' and staying happy, the perfect fire is key to creating Hygge and getting that warm and content feeling which characterises Christmas. So whether you are after a crackling coal or a traditional log fire, there is no better time to invest in a new, classic, fireplace or just to revamp and cherish the one you already have.

Although London is such a frantic city overloaded by technology, the architecture and the interiors of its classic homes are perfect for such fires and their style adds to that 'art of creating intimacy' which characterises Hygge seamlessly. Hygge has become popular recently as stepping back and appreciating all you have is such a key part to unwinding and maintaining your mental health, such a contentious issue in a city where work never stops.

The nostalgia element to Hygge and real coal or log fires is also key to their appeal. Who doesn't have a treasured memory from childhood which involves absolute contentment sitting by a fire? Or how about that unforgettable romantic moment in front of a crackling fireplace? Getting back to a cherished moment on a cold, wet day is the perfect boost – not to mention the comforting warmth coming from your very own real fireplace.

Fireplaces have been identified as one of these key factors to achieving Hygge simply with the statistic that 3 in 10 houses in Denmark, the Hygge metropolis, have a real fireplace – that's over 750,000! Contrast that to the 3.5% in the UK and the difference is definitely stark. No wonder the Danes constantly get reported as the happiest country in the world.

At London Gases we can offer you any advice you need on installing a fire through to the best kind of kindling, logs or coal you should be using for your personal needs. We can also provide replacement logs, coal, kindling and firelighters to see you through this bitter winter. Give us a call today on 020 8807 4633.