A roaring fire with christmas decorations around the mantelpiece

Decorating The Fireplace For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of ways to decorate our home to get us in that wonderful Christmas spirit. Beside the Christmas tree, the fireplace is the most decorated part of the home, as it should be! Whether you have a gas fireplace or a log fireplace or even if you use coal, there's nothing stopping you from using logs to decorate. Keep in mind that using logs that are of similar shape and size have the best result. Here are some ways to use logs as decoration for your fireplace: Log basket A log basket can be made of a variety of materials such as jute or metal. It's preferable for it to have a fabric lining inside it to prevent wood shavings from getting everywhere. Adding an attractive log basket in front of or next to your fireplace and filling it with logs of a similar shape and size, instantly makes a room cosier and warmer. Remember to also take into consideration the size of the basket in order for it to fit where you intend to place it. Side log storage Another option would be to add a shelf unit on one or either side of your fireplace and stack logs neatly onto it. If you have space, carefully measure either side of your fireplace before you purchase any shelving units and instead of books, fill them with logs. Wall log storage If you want to avoid installing shelves, simply stack your logs neatly next to your fireplace, at a safe distance of course. You can then add holly leaves or foliage from a Christmas tree to dress and decorate your log pile! Providing both a convenient place to store logs and a beautiful festive feature. Faux fireplaces Faux fireplace? No problem. If you're dreaming of the real thing, but only have a faux fireplace this tip is for you. Nothing makes a faux fireplace look more realistic than neatly stacked logs inside it. However you choose to decorate your fireplace for Christmas, make sure to have fun! Most importantly, remember to decorate your fireplace safely.