Fire using eco briquettes

Eco Briquettes, The Eco Friendly Fuel

Wood Briquettes, Firewood Briquettes, Heat Logs, Fire Logs, Smokeless Logs – call them what you like! They are slowly but surely becoming the wonder fuel of the open fire and wood burning stove.

Firewood Briquettes London

At London Gases we like to call them Wood Briquettes as they are all made from wood and they are briquettes! Their popularity is fully founded on the fact that they are they are a clean, efficient and modern alternative or accompaniment to traditional firewood logs, and can be used in all stoves and open fires, as well as outdoor firepits and chimineas. 

Their beauty is that they are comprised of 100% wood with no additives of any kind; they are classed as a carbon neutral fuel, and are therefore much kinder to the environment than fossil fuels. Generally they are produced from wood wastes that would have traditionally been sent to landfill.

Fire wood briquettes are produced by subjecting sawdust and wood chips/shavings to extremely high pressures – up to 80 tons per square inch. This causes the lignins and resins present in the wood to heat up and soften, and they then act as a natural "glue" which holds the briquettes together. There are no extras of any sort added to the recipe – no glues, preservatives or anything else. The end product is much drier and denser than normal firewood, and so contains more energy and produces less smoke and ash. Depending on the firewood in question – these briquettes may contain over four times the energy of the same weight of wood. 

Many of the briquettes on sale in the UK are imported – most of them from Eastern Europe However, we can proudly say that all our briquettes are produced here in the UK.  

Here is our range of wood briquettes. We have briquettes to start your fire with, to get your fire going and ones to keep your fire going!

To get your fire started: 

Calor Fire Log

Calor Fire logs are a wonderful alternative to kindling and firelighters. All you need is a match and hey presto you will have a fire ready in minutes.

The Calor fire log is a high density large sawdust briquette coated in wax. You simply light the packaging and the Calor fire log will then burn for up to 2 hours.  They are clean to use and produce a high heat output.  

12 logs per 12.5kg box. £30 per box

To get your fire going: 

Eco-Wood Briquettes

These are medium density nuggets that are fantastic to use for getting a fire going. They are produced here in the UK from the waste wood chippings in the furniture making industry. No trees are felled directly for production so they are a 100% Renewable Energy.  They are manufactured by heating and pressing dried wood shavings. They are clean burning and produce around 0.5% Ash 

15kg bag £5.99 per bag

To keep our fire going:

Eco Fire Briquettes

They are super dry, super long lasting, super quick to light, high density wood briquettes. It’s one of the very best wood briquettes on the market. They are made from waste tropical hardwoods used in the furniture making industry. They are produced by compressing wood ships and sawdust at high temperature – no artificial binding agents are used.  Ecofire briquettes are a very solid briquette with zero ash content and almost zero moisture.

16 briquettes per pack (10kg) £5.25 per pack

Blazer Briquettes

Blazer briquettes are a bi-product of fencing production in North Wales!

They are a high density briquette that is long lasting, clean, provides high heat and is 100% renewable. They have low moisture content and are ideal for open or closed fires, stoves, burners and some AGA type ovens. They are also FSC and HETAS approved. Blazers are also very clean to handle unlike coal and can also be broken to size very easily. They give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and give off a tremendous amount of long lasting heat and produce less tar, which will keep your chimney cleaner.

10kg bag £5.25

Peat Briquettes

Irish Peat is an all natural fuel produced from Irish boglands. Undrained raw peat consists of 95% water and 5% organic solid material. The solids are composed of the partly decayed remains of a variety of marsh/swamp plants and trees such as sphagnum mosses, birch woods, waterlilies, grasses and reeds.

Peat is harvested in blocks and then compressed, which removes approximately 90% of the water and air. This process creates a dried, condensed brick of peat which burns hotter, cleaner and longer. Ireland considers peat to be a smokeless fuel and has been using it for many years as a coal alternative.

The compressed natural peat bale is cut into small sections called  “briquettes” . The dimensions are roughly 19cm x  7cm.

Peat briquettes are a 100% natural product with no additives or binders. They produce very little ash and have very low sulphur content. They also do not spark or crackle so are very safe. Peat’s pièce de résistance is of course it’s lovely aroma when burned. It’s got to be smelt to be believed!

12.5kg bale of briquettes £6.99 

All of our briquette products meet the requirements for burning in smoke control areas which includes most London boroughs. We deliver throughout London and the surrounding area with free next day delivery on coal, log and briquette orders over £40. Deliveries can be made straight to your fireside or log store. 

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