Pile of fire logs

Eco Friendly Heating Options & Sustainability

How would you like to save money on your heating bills, keep warm and cosy and take a load off the environment? We all need to keep warm in the winter time, but perhaps this winter would be a good time to move towards an eco-friendly and sustainable method of heating your home.

Eco wood briquettes can be burned on a stove to generate heat for your space, and perhaps even for your hot water too. These clean-burning briquettes are 100% renewable energy. The briquettes are made from dried recycled timber and wood shavings and can be used on stoves, log burners, open fires or chiminea. If you are currently burning coal in your stove, you may wish to consider switching to an eco-coal option.

A truly eco-friendly method of heating your home might be out of reach for you at the moment, for financial reasons, perhaps. Still, you can make heating your home more sustainable and eco- friendly whichever fuels you use, simply by taking a few measures to reduce heat loss and decrease the amount of energy needed to heat your home. Why not use the long, dark nights of winter to sit in front of your cosy fire and work on a project or two to reduce heat loss from your home?

Making your fuel last longer is easy and does not require any expensive alterations to your home. Triple glazing might be a miracle to reduce bills significantly, but even sewing a thermal lining onto curtains could keep more heat from escaping through imperfect windows. Why not take the chance to create some new curtains or a new blind for your home? While you are at it, you could also make draft excluders for any gaps under your doors. These may seem like small things, but they really can make a difference to how much fuel you use.

Eco-friendly fuels, readily available from London Gases, allow those with multi-fuel stoves to continue their transition to a more green and sustainable way of life. London Gases can also help you transition to a more sustainable way of life in a number of ways, with sustainable travel for example – camping trip, anyone? Why not order some logs from sustainably managed woodland for those campfires beneath the stars? Campfires are great fun, whether you are enjoying a staycation or heading out into the countryside for some R&R.

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