Outdoor firepit

Fire Pit London – London’s Summer Trend

Along with all of the expected summer bbqs we’ve enjoyed over the past few months, one unexpected trend of summer 2018 has been the widespread emergence of fire pits for your back garden. These elevated bowls, often shaped like a sphere cut in half, bring an air of class to any surroundings, and are extremely easy to use as well as being cheap, which are the main reasons they have taken summer 2018 by storm.

Rather than having to put on an extra layer in the evenings, or go back inside, a fire pit produces enough heat and light for you to continue what you were doing in the garden, whether that is having a party, or enjoying a book with a glass of wine.

So, what are the other benefits of getting a firepit?

1. They are exceptionally easy to maintain

Most run on logs, although coal can be used as an alternative fuel source. Both of these types can be adapted for cooking, with the simple addition of a grill over the flames. However, if you are looking for a larger firepit and will not be cooking on it, then you can find more elaborate styles which run on standard bbq gas.

2. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials

Fire pits have traditionally been made out of stone, although this is usually heavy, and won’t look right in all gardens. Tile, stainless steel and copper firepits are all easy to find, with each having their own unique look, making it easy to find the perfect fire pit for your outside space. If you are focusing on practicality, our experts would recommend stainless steel, as it is easy to clean and is rust resistant, making it ideal for London’s winter weather. Finding fuel for your firepit can be tricky in London, especially attempting to find high-quality fuel at a reasonable price. At London Gases, we pride ourselves on being fuel specialists, offering a wide range of different fuels suitable for your fire pit, your bbq, as well as a range of other products. For more information about our fuel, or to find out prices, please contact us at https://www.londongases.co.uk/contact-us.