Toasting marshmallows on a fire

Fire pits, pizza parties and mulled wine: make the most of your garden this winter

Winter often conjures up images of cosy cottage kitchens and chimney smoke twisting up into a snowy night’s sky. For many of us, this unfortunately isn’t reality. Winter means rain drenched afternoons, a flurry of sleet, and hectic commutes in the snow. Although the “good life” is out of reach for many of us, there is no reason you can’t bring a slice of the country life home this winter.

As a winter lockdown looms on the horizon, socialising indoors may not be possible. However, an outdoor firepit may be the perfect solution to staying warm whilst hosting your loved ones in your garden.


Already, the nights are beginning to cool. Long summer evenings sipping wine in the garden are starting to feel like a distant memory. Winter doesn’t have to mean locking the back door until spring. Coal and logs can easily be used in a fire pit to keep warm during the colder months. Kiln-dried hardwood logs are perfect for both cooking and outdoor heating, as well as creating that classic wood fire aroma.


Sharing meals with family has always been the best part of the festive season. In the run-up to Christmas, why not plan a few traditions with a twist? Hardwood logs are perfect to use in pizza ovens, or why not use coal for a festive BBQ? End an unconventional year by starting your own unique traditions. Blankets, hot chocolate, and a roaring log fire? The perfect way to turn the midweek into your own winter retreat!

Family time

Holidays abroad are likely off the table for the rest of the year, but that doesn’t mean this winter has to be boring. Telling stories around the fire with the kids is a perfect way to create enchantment in your own back garden. Plus, scary stories are always more terrifying when told around a fire. Teaching your family how to start their own campfires using logs and kindling is also a great life skill (and saves you a job when you next go camping).

Get the fire roaring this winter!