Rustic dry logs bag

Fresh green logs? Think again!

Buying firewood for the first time can be quite confusing for many people. This is because there is a whole host of different types of wood to choose from. One thing you do need to make sure you do is purchase seasoned logs. This is essential if you want a warm, safe and effective fire.

What are seasoned logs?

The term is used to describe wood which has been cut and then left to dry for a substantial period of time. It is recommended that the logs are left for a minimum of six months to ensure that they have dried significantly.

So, why do logs need to be seasoned?

The main reason is that they provide you with a better fire. If your logs have not been left to dry, they will fail to provide you with a substantial fire. The majority of the energy will be utilised to dry the log and get rid of the water, rather than to produce heat.

Seasoned logs also last a lot longer because they are less susceptible to any damage. The fact that they can be kept preserved is especially good if you want to keep your logs for a long time because you only use your fire occasionally. The reason they last longer is they have a lower chance of decaying or attracting fungi because these are usually enhanced by water.

Fresh green wood is also a lot more damaging to the environment when heated than seasoned wood. This is due to the inhibition of combustion, which occurs because of the energy being utilised to reduce moisture in the wood. This releases several gases and particles that are damaging to the environment and associated with global warming.

A final point worth contemplating is the fact that season wood is much safer in comparison to unseasoned logs. As mentioned, green wood can release unwanted gases. These can result in dangerous fires, which are hard to contain. All in all, the need to purchase seasoned logs is evident. They will provide you with a safer and more effective fire.