Food cooking on a bbq

Gas BBQ Cooking Tips

If you’re using a gas BBQ, there are three very distinct ways of cooking your food. The one you choose will probably depend on the type of food you’re about to put onto your grill.

Method one is the simple grill method. This is perfect for smaller items like cuts of meat (chops, chicken drumsticks and thighs), which will need less than 20 minutes of cooking time.

First of all, you need to light every burner on your gas BBQ, and get them right up to full heat. Don’t put any food on the grill until the burners have been on for at least five minutes. We’d recommend ten minutes to allow for good heat consistency. Once the pre-heating is complete, pop your food onto the grate, and close the lid down to allow the smoke to circulate and help flavour your meat with that authentic smoky BBQ flavour.

Method two is roasting, although you may find it referred to as baking in some cookbooks. Done properly, this turns your gas BBQ into a fan oven just like the one in your kitchen. It’s perfect for roasting larger joints of meat, and even bread or cakes. Yes, you can bake with your gas BBQ!

Just like with simple grilling, turn on all the burners, and get the heat up to maximum. Not all of them will be staying on though. Once you’ve pre-heated your BBQ, which should take around ten minutes, turn off all the burners except the ones on the edge of the grill unit. There should be no heat generated from any burners in the middle of the unit. Put your food above these switched-off middle burners, and then turn the burners on the edge of the unit down to a medium heat. Close the lid, and leave the food to roast.

Method three is the “half and half” method. Using this method, you can simultaneously cook directly and indirectly, which means partly over a lit flame, and partly not over a lit flame.

As before, get all the burners on and up to full heat, leaving the BBQ unit to heat up for between five and ten minutes. This time, you want to turn off about half the burners. The middle or one side should be turned off completely, leaving half your grill on and half your grill off. Take your food and sear it over the lit burner, before moving it over to the unlit burner, where it will finish cooking slowly over indirect heat. Obviously, with this method you can’t close the lid until you’ve finished searing.

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