Food cooking on a bbq

Gas Bbq For Camping. The Secret To A Good Camping Holiday

A camping holiday is a wonderful thing – when it's done right! You can't beat the sound of happy families playing together, getting out the tennis rackets that have lain dusty since last year, and walking back from the beach sandy, happy and tired – and hungry. When you are camping, it is the perfect excuse to get the barbecue going.

A gas BBQ is an essential piece of kit for when you are camping – admittedly the point of a camping trip is not to be in a five star hotel, but a few little luxuries make a whole world of difference and this is one of them. When you do return hungry, having to get a fire going and wait for the flames to die down can start to spoil an otherwise lovely day, but the speed of a gas BBQ means that your meal can be ready almost instantly, whether that is grilling local delicacies or boiling water to cook pasta. You have all the advantages of a traditional BBQ, with the taste of delicious outdoor cooked food, with none of the disadvantages – no ashes to get rid of, the grills can be easily cleaned and best of all if you are enduring a British summer, a gas barbecue will reliably light in the rain! If you are venturing further afield, you may find that some sites, particularly in Southern Europe where bushfires are a consideration, will only allow gas barbecues, and not charcoal ones.

Gas bottles are safe and easy to transport, and once you have made an initial investment in Calor gas bottles, refills are economical and easy to come by, both in Britain and in Europe. The speed and flexibility of a gas barbecue also makes things like boiling a kettle a piece of cake, meaning that you can have a cup of tea, and that camping staple of hot chocolate before bed is easy too. Plus, being able to control the flames means that your little helpers may like to toast their own marshmallows (with your supervision, of course).

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