Food cooking on a bbq

Gas BBQ Hacks and Tips

We all love a BBQ when the sun shines, but your gas grill can be incredibly versatile all year round. Here are our 5 great hacks for your gas BBQ.

An outdoor oven

If you’ve got a piece of meat to cook that won’t fit your conventional oven, then using your gas BBQ is a delicious way to get the job done and impart plenty of flavour. First, preheat your grill, then set one burner to medium/high and the other to low. Place your joint over the low burner, close the lid and cook until succulent.

Smoke it like a pro

Yes, you can use your gas BBQ as a smoker and it’s easy to do. Grab some aluminium pans, wood chips or chunks, foil and liquid – try cider or beer for delicious results. First, remove the grill and place your wood chips in a pan on one burner, and your liquid in the other. Replace the grill pan and fire up the burner under the wood chips only, setting it to low. Close the lid and let the grill heat to 225-250 degrees (check with a BBQ thermometer) before smoking your meat or fish. The great thing about using a gas BBQ for this hack is that it keeps the temperature constant so you can throw in your food and forget it.

Pizza to go

Love pizza but can’t be bothered to make it yourself? This hack is super simple and turns your gas BBQ into a fully fledged pizza oven for a supermarket grab and go or a homemade artisan masterpiece. Here’s how you do it: get hold of 2 pizza stones, four clean bricks and some aluminium foil. Wrap the bricks in the foil and stack two high either side of one pizza stone, placed directly on the grill. Top with the other stone, heat the BBQ and enjoy the best pizza ever!

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