Gas BBQ Safety Tips

Summer is coming, and you’re no doubt considering when to get the gas BBQ out. There’s plenty of advice on the internet about how to use your gas BBQ safely, so here’s a quick round up of the best hints and tips we’ve seen.

  1. If this is your first BBQ of the year, give your equipment a check before you start using it, especially if it’s been stored outside or in a shed or garage. Hoses can become damaged if exposed to extremes of heat and cold while sitting dormant. If you’re in any doubt, replace them.
  2. Perform any sort of maintenance in the open air. If gas escapes, you minimise the risk of poisoning yourself outside than in a room full of fumes.
  3. Changing your gas bottle? Remember to turn the valves right off first. Gas is great for cooking with, but not so good for you or the environment.
  4. If you have any spare gas bottles, make sure that they’re kept outside, but protected from dangers such as direct sunlight or frost.
  5. You should never keep a gas cylinder inside your home. While spontaneous explosions are very rare, compressed gas can cause an awful lot of damage if they do explode.
  6. If you want to test for leaks in your gas bottle connectors or pipes, use a brush to coat the suspected area with a layer of soapy water, which you can make with a solution of washing up liquid or hand soap. Turn on the gas, and if you see bubbles in your soap mixture, there’s a leak.
  7. When you’re looking for the perfect place to put your BBQ unit, keep ventilation in mind. The fumes from your grill and the remnants of burned gas need to escape into the air, so make sure they can get away. Look for flammable objects before you decide on a location, too. It only takes one spit of hot fat to jump onto a flammable item to start a fire.

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