Gas BBQ vs Charcoal BBQ – Why Gas Is Better Than Charcoal

Every summer, in neighbourhoods across the UK, an important number of people like to soak up the sun whilst eating delights cooked on a barbecue.

However, most of the sausages, chops, burgers and other delicacies are cooked on charcoal, but in fact, there are many benefits to using a gas barbecue.

The main advantage of cooking with a gas barbecue is that it is much cleaner than charcoal as the fuel required to light it doesn't produce any ash. Furthermore, a gas barbecue will come to temperature a lot quicker and it can be regulated across the entire grill. This means the food is cooked a lot quicker and provides for a more even quality. Cooking temperature is easier to control as you only have to turn the flame up or down so there is less of a chance of burning the food.

Better temperature control means that most foods can be cooked on a gas barbecue; some chefs even use them to cook deserts or pizzas! The versatility of this type of grill is due to the fact it is easier to predict the temperature at which the food is likely to cook. What's more, while on a charcoal grill it is the coals and the flames which cook the food, on a gas barbecue, the flames cook the food, so owning a gas barbecue is a bit like bringing your kitchen into the garden.

Another major advantage of gas barbecues is that they are healthier than their charcoal counterpart because there are no chemicals being absorbed into the food.

This is because the temperature control gives you the opportunity to eliminate HCAs altogether. HCA or Heterocyclic amine are chemical compounds that form while cooking meat to well-done, these form a brown or black crust onto the meat which is likely to be a carcinogen. In fact, scientists have established a link between eating food that is cooked well-done and certain cancers.

All in all, gas barbecues are a much better choice than charcoal because they provide for better cooked, are much easier to cleaner and are also far better for one's health.