Food cooking on a bbq

Gas Grill Tips – 6 Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Gas Grill

A gas BBQ is a great choice when you want the immediacy of being able to grill at the touch of a button. Convenient for year-round cooking, getting the best out of your gas grill can take some trial and error, so here are some foolproof tips to have you grilling like a pro.

1. Add flavour with rubs and marinades

Rubs and marinades are the quickest way to get big flavour into even the saddest looking supermarket sausage. Just take care not to marinade for too long – most meat benefits from one hour to overnight; fish and seafood need a maximum of half an hour. Always remember to oil the food, not the grill.

2. Keep it clean

You'll need to preheat the grill for at least 10 to 15 minutes to get the perfect sear, so make sure it's spotless before you start to heat. Make sure you give burner covers a thorough clean, as well as your cooking grates, for best results.

3. Stay safe

Invest in a good meat thermometer – it's the best way to tell whether your meat is safely cooked by reaching the correct temperature. Doing it by guesswork can lead to a dodgy stomach or worse, and using the meat thermometer means you'll have perfectly cooked burgers and steaks every time.

4. Control the flare

Always give your food enough space on the grill, as this will help you to control flare ups when rendering fat hits the flames. Leaving empty spaces on the grill means you can move the cooking meat to a cooler section of the grill. You'll also find that food cooks more evenly when the grill isn't over crowded and has the chance to develop a proper sear.

5. Get the temperature right

Not everything needs to be seared hot and fast like steaks and burgers. Chicken and thicker cuts benefit from being cooked thoroughly at lower temperatures. Selecting the right temperature is half the battle of being chief of the gas grill.

6. Have enough fuel

Always make sure you have spare Calor gas bottles, especially when you're catering for a crowd. There's nothing worse than running out of BBQ gas when there are hungry mouths to feed, so contact us before your next BBQ and we'll be happy to deliver the gas bottles London that you need.