Gas a charcoal cooked chicken

Gas or Charcoal BBQ – How To Choose?

Whether you’re cooking for the family at home or heading off on a camping trip, no summer is complete without a barbecue, and the great weather in the UK this year has given us the perfect opportunity to break out the barbecue and cook up an al fresco feast. But when it comes to choosing the perfect barbecue, which is better, gas or charcoal?

Which is easier?

Charcoal barbecues can be risky when it comes to the final result because the hot charcoal will cook the outside of the ingredients quickly, making it harder to cook the insides thoroughly – especially meat. This is where gas barbecues really prove themselves. They’re normally fitted with separate burners you can control independently with temperature dials, so you can cook your chicken over a gentle heat and turn up the heat for the sausages, making them great for big family suppers

Which is quicker?

Gas barbecues are a great option for quick, last-minute cooking because many models are ready to light up in just 15 minutes, so there’s no hassle of waiting around for charcoal to heat and no battle with ignition fluid – simply fit the barbecue gas bottle and go.

What about taste?

Most people swear by charcoal barbecues for the authentic chargrilled flavour which comes naturally from the charcoal smoke. However, many gas barbecues now feature flavour-infusing lava rocks which sit beneath the cooking grill and release tasty chargrilled flavours when the fat drips onto them.

Which is best for travel?

When it comes to portability, there are a range of types available, many with handy features such as collapsible legs and wheel-mounted frames. Portable gas barbecues are great for camping trips because they can be used over and over again, whilst charcoal barbecues will need a good stock of charcoal to keep you going. However, for one-off day trips, disposable charcoal barbecues are ideal because you can simply pack one in your bag and throw it away at the end of the day.

So whether you’re new to barbecuing or you’re already a seasoned pro, consider gas barbecues as a quick and easy way to cook up a storm.