Split image of gas cylinders and glowing hot coals

Gas versus charcoal: which BBQ is best?

Charcoal barbecues can be great. An open fire, the evocative smoky taste of the food, and a sense of getting back to nature and doing things as our ancestors must have done them. But they can also become something of a trial. Smoke can get into our eyes and hair, and it is hard to cook the food evenly on a wood or coal-burning barbecue. All too often, the outside of the meat is charred and black, while the inside is disturbingly pink. And, once the BBQ is over, and everyone has gone home or back inside, there is an unsightly heap of ashes to deal with!

Cleaner fuel

Gas is a cleaner source of heat for a BBQ compared to charcoal. Not only is there no smoke (unless you burn the food, of course!) there are no ashes – which require disposal and cleaning – left afterwards. The gas is neatly contained in sturdy tanks which are designed for supreme safety, so there is no added risk of burning, as there might be with a stray spark from a charcoal fire.

Banish the hungry wait

Cooking with gas is also quicker when it comes to barbecuing: there is no lengthy wait as there is with charcoal, waiting for the flames to die down and the coals to get to the optimal cooking heat. Gas BBQs are ready to use within ten to 15 minutes of lighting the burner, so you can plan your barbecue quite precisely.

Know it’s cooked

BBQ cooking with gas is also safer from a food hygiene point of view. It is tricky to get an even cook with a charcoal fire, as some parts of the fire are hotter than others, and coals can suddenly burst into flame, making the food burn. Gas burners are easily adjusted so you can ensure an even cook and be confident that the meat is cooked all the way through, without any burned patches on the outside.

The real beauty of gas BBQs is that you can have your gas delivered to your London home in good time for summer fun. Contact our experienced team today to find out how we can make your barbecuing days better!