A roaring fire

Getting your coal fire ready for Autumn: 3 tips you should know

Although Summer is not quite over yet, now is the time people start thinking about the colder months ahead. While Winter is naturally a season that sees temperatures drop, Autumn too can feel chilly. In addition, the rain and wind Autumn brings can leave us feeling a little bedraggled! For a lot of people around the UK, an open coal fire is the best way to warm up over Autumn and keep the poor weather at bay. It is never wise to start using your coal fire after Summer before checking it over though. Getting it ready to use after a period of inactivity will ensure it is in good order and safe to operate. Preparing in advance also means you have everything needed to build your fire when the time comes. But what are the best tips to know about?

Get your chimney swept

This is a real must when getting your coal fire ready to use again after Summer. It is vital to hire a professional chimney sweep to give your chimney a thorough inspection. This will not only enable them to check it is safe to use but clean it and make any repairs if needed.

Give your fireplace a once over

Although the chimney sweep will get your chimney ready to use, you still need to focus on your fireplace. As well as giving the grate a good clean, remember to scrub the tools you use to build your fire as well. If you notice any are damaged, make sure to repair or replace them.

Order the coal you need

If you like to enjoy a roaring coal fire, then this means ordering your coal to be delivered in advance. This will not only save any last-minute rushes but also mean you have your supply stored at home, ready to use. It is also essential to order kindling and firelighters, so they are ready to use.

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