Food cooking on a camping stove

Go camping with your gas bottle this winter!

As the winter progresses betraying no signs of waning anytime soon, we are challenged with finding new ways of combating the pervasive chill and general dullness of things around. One way to rebel against the monotony of the season is to step outdoor and experience the sublime calmness of the world subdued by the cold. The first step towards this project is ensuring that there is sufficient warmth, cosiness and fun in the area you choose to relish the winter sights of London from. How can this be achieved? Read on to see how a gas bottle is the perfect tool for your outdoor leisure needs.

Gas-bottle heating

One of the easiest ways to address your heating requirements while camping is to use a gas bottle heater. It provides as much warmth and comfort as a traditional fireplace or even a bonfire, not to mention the superior safety and ease-of-use. This is especially convenient if the party includes inquisitive and adventurous children. With the availability of a wide range of models tending to diverse outdoor needs, finding a suitable gas-bottle heater is hardly a task. Most models come with a gas hose and a regulator which only requires a few seconds to clip on to the gas bottle. And before you can even say "firewood", you can have the fun started.

Barbeque and portable stove

Cooking and sharing food is the soul of any camping trip. And there is no better time to get out and put those meats to the fire than the insipid mid-winters. With a BBQ gas bottle handy, you don't ever have to worry about finding fuel for your culinary enterprises. The best part is that they are wonderfully portable and can easily fit into your car boot, ready to start firing at an instant's notice.

So just plug in your BBQ grill or your stove into a gas bottle and lo, there's a party!

Besides being a great source of fuel for heating and cooking outdoors, gas bottles are far safer and much more convenient than traditional sources. At London Gases, we have a vast range of calor gas bottles for both BBQs and outdoor heaters, getting hold of which, you'd immediately want to shed your blankets and leap for the great outdoors.