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Government to phase out the sales of “wet” wood & traditional house coal

London Gases welcomes the Government’s decision to phase out the sales of “wet” wood and traditional house coal in England.

Last week the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced that in England, the sale of traditional coal and “wet” wood will be phased out from early 2021.

The new legislation states that:

London Gases have always complied with the London clean air act of 1952 and as a result all of our products already comply with the new legislation announced for February 2021.

From this date, if you are using an open fireplace you must only burn smokeless fuels with less than 2% sulphur.

If you are using a stove or other appliance you must use logs with less than 20% moisture content such as kiln dried logs or smokeless fuels such as Ecoal, Blazer Briquettes or Homefire Ovals which contain less than 2% sulphur.

The only change for London from February 2021 will be that “wet” wood can not be burnt in stoves or other appliances.

At London Gases, all of our solid fuel products are already in line with the new legislation; our wood and briquettes all have less than 20% moisture and our coal products contain less than 2% sulphur.

Caring for the environment is a priority for London Gases and we aim to supply clean and sustainable fuels for your home.