Halloween pumpkins

Halloween at home: What do you need to make it awesome?

Halloween in 2020 could look a bit different than usual, with large parties or groups of children Trick or Treating given the year off. That does not mean you have to forget about this fun time of year altogether though! Halloween is a holiday which most people love because it is exciting, spooky and different. It is also a great excuse to dress up in your favourite gruesome costume. This means that lots of people will opt for a party within their own household for Halloween 2020. But what essentials do you need to make your home Halloween party rock?

A roaring campfire

A roaring campfire is one feature that will turn your home garden into a great place to spend Halloween. Not only will it give plenty of light when dark outside but it will keep everyone warm. Campfires look amazing too and also give kids somewhere to roast treats like marshmallows. Once the fire is lit, be extra vigilant that children are always safe and not too close to it though.

Spooky music

Music is a key part of any at-home Halloween bash – the spookier, the better! Whether you go for actual songs or ghoulish sound FX, getting the music right will help you set the perfect atmosphere. There are some great wireless speakers you can pick up online now which enable you to play music direct from your smartphone. This is a simple and inexpensive way to get your Halloween party rocking.

Ghastly games

Throwing a party at home during this time of year is all about fun games. This is especially true if you have children in your household. Classics like apple bobbing always go down well and really help to make it a night to remember. If you need any specific supplies for your planned games, make sure you buy them in advance for the big night.

Top-quality logs from London Gases

It is not just supplies for any games you will need – logs are essential if you do decide to light a cosy campfire. Here at London Gases, we supply the best logs to homes in and around London. Get in touch today for more details.