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Home Fuels After Brexit – London Fuel Energy Prices

The UK’s recent decision to exit the European Union has caused a great deal of economic turmoil and the value of the Great British Pound has been driven down on an international level. What’s more, Britain imports a great deal of the fuel for its power stations from abroad. Consequently, it is likely that the prices offered by conventional energy suppliers will rise to cope with the country’s altered economic circumstances. Luckily, there is a way you can minimise the impact of these price rises on your heating and energy bills: you can simply invest in home fuels such as logs, coal and bottled gas.

Investing in home fuels that heat your home, allow you to cook, and enable boiling water can drastically reduce your dependence on major energy companies. Ergo, you’ll be protected from price rises in the mainstream energy sector.

Logs, coal and some types of bottled gases are produced inside the UK. Consequently, the cost of producing them and the price you have to pay for them aren’t susceptible to shifts in the international political situation. You can expect the prices of logs, coal and home gas to remain stable, despite the economic fluctuations caused by the recent Brexit decision.

Of course, if you don’t already use home fuels, you may need to invest in equipment that will allow you to burn your chosen fuels safely. Solid-fuel burning stoves and boilers are available from a wide variety of suppliers, as are log fireplaces. Here at London Gases, we sell gas-powered cabinet heaters alongside our fuels. We recommend investing in several fuel-burning systems, because this will give you the greatest variety of viable fuel options and allow you to reduce your dependence on mainstream energy suppliers to the greatest possible extent. The initial cost may seem off-putting, but it will help you save a great deal of money in the long-run.

If you do choose to adopt home fuels to avoid rising energy bills in post-Brexit Britain, we can help. We supply a wide range of different gas bottles in London, alongside logs and coal, so you’re certain to find the fuel you need somewhere in our range.