A roaring fire with Christmas decorations around the mantelpiece

How firewood can improve your Christmas

Here at London Gases, we aim to sell the greatest possible variety of fuels. In addition to Calor gas bottles and coal, we also sell traditional wooden fuel. Our firewood logs are all seasoned or kiln- dried to make them as efficient and reliable as possible. But did you know that now is the perfect time to invest in fuel logs? Christmas is just around the corner and the occasion wouldn’t be complete without a roaring log fire. In today’s blog entry, we’ll discuss how your log fireplace can make your home truly festive.

1. Setting the mood

A log-fuelled fire can lend your Christmas activities an extra frisson of jollity. For example, have you ever considered opening your Christmas presents around a crackling log fire, or sharing a festive glass of sherry with your family in the warm glow of a fireplace? We suggest lighting your log fireplace whenever you and your family and friends are gathered in one room in order to partake of a Christmas tradition. Its warm glow can really help to create an atmosphere of festive togetherness.

2. Heating your home

While Christmas is a heart-warming holiday, it’s important to remember that it takes place at the coldest time of year. Of course, ordinary central heating can keep your home warm over Christmas, but it lacks festivity. We suggest lighting an authentic log fire when you need to heat specific rooms. Not only do long fires heat individual rooms faster than conventional heating, they also help your home feel more Christmassy.

3. Providing light in the evening

Have you ever thought about using your log fire as a source of light when night draws in? The light from a log fire is uniquely cosy and pleasant, making it ideal for Christmas. Once the sun starts to set, instead of reaching for an electric light switch, try putting another log on your fire. Authentic log fires can improve many of the holidays dramatically, including Christmas. That’s why we at London Gases are proud to offer both hardwood and softwood logs that are guaranteed to burn efficiently and produce an excellent heat output. If you’d like more information about burning solid wooden fuel, contact us today. Alternatively, check out our range.