How to build a better BBQ

With sunny spells dominating spring 2022, it’s no surprise that Londoners all over the capital are dusting off their barbeques. If you’re indulging in some outdoor cookery, remember that the key to success is a well-built fire. To avoid uncooked meat or making your guests wait all day for a steak or sausage, read on for how to build a barbeque with ideal heat.

Start with a coal layer

To get cracking on the path to a perfectly hot barbeque, start by putting a layer of coal as a foundation. A common mistake is to add coals to a fire that’s already roaring. Unfortunately, this just heats the bottom of the briquettes and won’t cook your food. If you build your fire on top of a coal layer, the colas will get nice and hot and remain that way. As a result, you’ll achieve an excellent cooking temperature to flip your meat above.

Adding kindling

The next step is to add some small sticks, commonly called kindling. If you go big too soon with larger logs, you’ll risk your fire not starting at all or taking too long to get going. Smaller scraps of wood catch quicker igniting your coals allowing them to build heat effectively.

Never cook on your logs

It can be tempting to cook on the heat supplied by logs but resist. Logs are a naturally grown fuel and can add exciting smells to cooking like hints of hickory, but they are not a reliable source of consistent heat. Uniform in shape and construction coals provide a dependable output but logs still have their place in your barbeque. Instead, try and use them to build up heat output from your fire pumping it into your coal layer beneath by degrees. Coal will hold heat for far longer, allowing you to keep barbecuing for hours with the fierce heat you have taken time to build.

London experts on BBQ fuels

At London gases, we are specialists on the best fuels for outdoor fires. Whether you’re after coals and logs for your firepit or patio gas for outdoor cooking get in touch with our dedicated team today for any assistance or advice you need for your spring barbecue in London.