Food cooking on a bbq

How to choose between a gas bbq or a coal bbq this summer

We might not always have the weather for it, but when the sun appears, Brit’s flock to their gardens for a good outdoor barbecue. If you are looking to level up your grilling this summer, you might be wondering what barbecue is best – coal barbecues or gas barbecues?

Well, wonder no more as we take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of both barbecues to help you find the perfect match for your cookout.

Coal barbecue

Charcoal, briquettes, and coal all offer the classic smokey flavours that we associate with a good barbecue. Reaching incredible heats, a coal barbecue can grill practically anything with ease. These versatile barbecue setups are a perfect way to cook up some burgers, baked potatoes or steaks.

Advantages of a coal barbecue:

Disadvantages of a coal barbecue:

Gas barbecue

For a more sophisticated outdoor cooking experience, gas barbecues are the way to go. Using a gas canister to fuel the barbecue flames, gas barbecues offer a much more controlled flame that lets you dial in how you want to cook your food. Perfect for those of us who are looking to carefully cook their barbecued food.

Advantages of a gas barbecue:

Disadvantages of a gas barbecue:

There is no right or wrong answer to which barbecue is better – they just have different purposes. At the end of the day, both of these barbecue types will create incredible food while using a controlled, open flame.

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