A pile of wood

How to create the perfect log fire this winter

The nights are drawing in and winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to be thinking about making a fire in the living room to relax in front of on a cold evening. There is nothing better than the smell of a wonderful warm fire burning away as we get ready for everything the time of year graces us with, but just how do you make the perfect log fire? Allow us to help in that quest with our tips on how to build the ideal log fire, to make sure your home is suitably heated throughout the winter nights.

Fill your wood basket properly

The key to a good fire is to use a good supply of logs. In order to do that we recommend replenishing your wood stock in the daylight so that you can see the quality of what you are going to use to make your fire. The last thing you need to do is go out in the cold and dark and select poor or damp pieces of wood that are no use to you. If you can, store your selected logs inside so any residual damp has dried out.


Many people believe that clearing out all previous ash is the route to a good fire. It isn’t. You should look to leave a blanket of used ash around 3-5cm deep and make an impression in the centre of it where your wood is going to go. The ash will get the fire going more quickly.

Place logs carefully

To get the best results we recommend putting a log at the back of the fireplace, and further ones to the two sides, to create a surrounding of wood to the ash base, which should produce the maximum effect when it comes to starting up your fire.

Light the fire

You now have an area where you can place whatever you use to light up the fire, whether it be a piece of paper or cardboard. Place some kindling on top of that and have a couple more logs handy to place on top of the fire to keep it burning nicely throughout the evening. Do you need to stock up on your firewood ahead of winter? At London Gases, we have a range of logs, including hardwood and softwood logs, kiln-dried logs and kindling.