Gas BBQ on a patio

How To Have The Perfect Gas BBQ Cooking Experience

When the weather is good everyone loves to get out and enjoy it. We want to experience the outdoor lifestyle with family and friends, and eating freshly cooked food is part of making that experience all the better. Using a gas BBQ makes your outdoor cooking all the more enjoyable as they are reliable and, more importantly, controllable. Here are our top 3 tips to help make sure you have the best possible time using your gas BBQ.

Don’t run out

This is everyone’s nightmare. You are half way through cooking that perfect peri-peri chicken you marinated overnight when everything stops. The heat goes down and so does the mood of the party. Make sure you check your BBQ gas bottles before getting the cooking underway.

If you think you’re running low or you’re going to need some extra BBQ gas, make sure you take a trip to your local gas supplier in plenty of time.

Get it the right temperature

Cooking outside is great, but it doesn’t have to be a nuclear experience. Burgers don’t need to be black but they do need to be cooked at a different temperature to the fish. With variable controls, using BBQ gas to cook makes it easy to serve the perfect steak or whole roast chicken. Remember to check that meat is fully cooked before serving.

Keep it clean

We have all done it. Opened up the BBQ to find a burnt layer on the burgers. Unfortunately this doesn’t add to the flavour and can cause the flames to flare and burn any food. Smoke is also an unnecessary addition when it comes to dirty grills. Make sure you clean the grill area at least 2-3 times a year (or more if you use your gas BBQ more frequently).

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