How to plan a British spring barbeque

With spring just around the corner, homeowners, publicans, and outdoor eateries are now bringing their barbecue equipment out of storage. With a little more warmth and light in the evenings, the season of spring is an ideal time to step outside and start barbequing in Britain.

Springtime brings a wealth of fresh homegrown produce to the fore, and there are plenty of events to celebrate, from the half-term break to long weekends with a bank holiday. Read on for a prep list to get you set to sizzle on your grill this season.

What to eat

Succulent spring lamb cooked to perfection is beautiful on a barbeque, but seafood is another excellent option. Many species of fish are only available in UK waters over spring such as mackerel, monkfish, salmon and scallops, so enjoy them as they emerge this year. If there’s a nip in the air on the day of your barbecue, spice up your meat and fish with fresh chilli. Enrich your table with side dishes representing the best of British fruit and veg, like spring greens, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries.

What to celebrate

If you’re a special event in spring, you could cook up a tasty barbecue brunch for the family. Why not celebrate daylight saving time? As the clocks go forward and you gain another hour of light, stay up late and dine outside.

What fuel to use

If your barbecue used coal, black wattle charcoal can’t be beat. Renowned for its superior taste, high heat, low smoke and fewer sparks this fuel is considered to be the best bag of charcoal you can buy.

If your equipment requires gas, try Calor’s patio bbq gas. In a green cylinder with red handles, it comes with a conveniently placed built-in fuel indicator. As a result, you’ll know exactly when you need to buy some more and avoid disappointment.

Looking for the perfect fuel in London?

At London Gases, we stock and supply a wide range of fuels for barbeques including kindling and firelighter. If you’re getting ready to barbecue in British springtime at your London address contact us today.