How To Store Your BBQ And Gas Bottles Safely Through The Winter

Fancy BBQed turkey this Christmas? If you do you’ll need to store your barbecue and calor gas bottles safely and securely so they’re ready to go in December. If you don’t want to disappoint your friends and family on the big day, here’s how to make sure your BBQ sparks up first time.

Clean it up

No one wants to light their gas BBQ only to discover there’s an inch of grease on the grill. Give your equipment a deep clean before stowing it away for the winter and any time you fancy a grill it’ll be good to go.

Fire up the burners to burn away any leftover food debris – this makes it much easier to brush off with a grill brush. Let your BBQ cool then wash the grill plates in soapy water and dry thoroughly. Finally, clean the grill pan and the outside of your BBQ with warm, soapy water then dry before storing under a heavy duty cover or in the shed.

Store your calor gas bottles

BBQ gas bottles should never be stored indoors – a leak in a confined space could be dangerous or even lethal. That means you can’t store them in the garage either. Instead, they need to be stored outside, on a level surface, well away from doors and windows and direct heat sources. You can store your BBQ and calor gas bottle together but you’ll need to detach the gas regulator to prevent any leaks. This generally only takes a few seconds to unclip and then replace when needed. Finally, make sure your bottles are stored upright and with the gas tap turned to the off position.

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