How To – The Safe Way To Burn Coal At Home

London homeowners are now embracing the many benefits of the coal fire. This is because of rising fuel costs, open plan homes that are increasingly difficult to heat, the ready availability of coal, and the fact that there is nothing quite like sitting near an open fire in the comfort of your own home. Below explore how to burn coal safely and effectively in your home.

Awareness of dangers

The main reason that you must burn coal safely, and correctly in your home, is because coal does give off carbon monoxide fumes which can be harmful to health. Burning coal in a designated coal fireplace that has been correctly installed with a well-maintained chimney will eradicate this danger. The fireplace also needs to be adequately maintained to prevent any smoke leaks, and any fire sparks that could endanger life and damage your home.

The coal fireplace

When you burn coal it reaches much higher temperatures than wood, and therefore it produces more heat at a much quicker rate. It is very important that coal is burned in a coal fireplace, not a wood burner or a wooden insert that is placed into the wood burner, as doing so can damage the fireplace and is incredibly unsafe.

Burning coal

A small opening in front of the fireplace is required to burn coal efficiently. Coupled with this is a fresh flow of air, as it is the oxygen that allows the coal to burn effectively. To start a coal fire you will need some paper and a bit of dried wood to start the initial fire. When the embers begin to glow, this means that you can add a few pieces of coal. The trick is to add the pieces of coal slowly. This is because adding too many pieces of coal at once can smother the flames and reduce the amount of oxygen, which is needed for the coal to burn.

Coal fires are practical, energy efficient, relatively inexpensive and help to create that homely feel for a relaxing evening in. At London Gases, we can supply smokeless coal which produces just a fifth of the smoke of regular coal. Just remember to properly maintain your coal fireplace, have your chimney cleaned and inspected, and to burn coal in the correct way. Enjoy your coal fire.