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How to transform your garden this New Year

Many people incorrectly believe summer is the only season where it is possible to complete a garden makeover. In reality, transforming your garden in the winter months is much more efficient, as it ensures your garden is perfect for when the warmer weather hits.

If you are looking for a new project to start this New Year, why not begin a garden transformation? Here are some top tips for transforming your garden in winter.

1. Mix creativity with practicality

Stacked logs can make a beautiful, rustic background for a seating area, and is also a practical solution for storing a large number of logs for your fireplace. A large log pile will also help to keep you sheltered from harsh winds and can be used to designate a seating or alfresco dining area.

2. Think of year-round features

When completing a garden transformation in the New Year, you should try to consider features and garden additions that will benefit your garden year-round. A fire pit, for example, is equally useful in winter as it is on chilly summer evenings, and will help you to get the maximum use of your garden throughout the year.

3. Store your essentials

Often, when an unusually hot spring day hits London, shops immediately sell out of BBQs and fire supplies. To ensure you are prepared for the next sunny spell of weather, stock up on essentials such as coal or gas to ensure you will be ready to entertain in your garden and prepare delicious food.

4. Prepare for a staycation
2020 has been a year of great uncertainty, with many people having to cancel holidays and trips abroad due to COVID-19 restrictions. Transforming your garden in the New Year will ensure you have a tranquil haven to retreat to, no matter what 2021 has in store. Whether you wish to include an outdoor eating area, a spot to set up a tent and fire for a staycation or simply a place to sit and relax, London Gases can help you create a retreat in your own garden.
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If you are tackling a garden transformation this New Year, London Gases can provide you with the logs, coal or Calor gas bottles you need to make the transformation successful.