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How to use a coal fireplace safely

With the rising costs of heating a home, most homeowners have gone back to using their coal fireplaces, which is much cheaper. Most heating options are more expensive than ever and coal is a viable option and a good replacement. One of the major reasons why most people refrain from using coal is the fact that its one of the dirtiest fossil fuels and is considered unsafe. However, if used properly, coal can be an economical way to heat your home. Here is a simple guide on using a coal fireplace properly and safely.

How to burn coal safely

All types of heating sources come with some kind of danger, which can be avoided with the right precautions. The fireplace needs to be well maintained to avoid hazards. You also need to use the right kind of fireplace. The fact that coal burn much hotter than wood means that you should not burn coal in a wood-burning fireplace. This is more so if you plan to use coal for heating purposes, as you may be burning it for a longer period.

Coal needs oxygen to burn

To use coal safely, you need to provide oxygen to the fireplace. Have a small opening at the front of the fireplace so the coal will burn effectively. If not provided with sufficient oxygen, the carbon monoxide produced by burning coal starts to accumulate, escaping in the home instead of the chimney. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause dire effects for the people inside the house.

Start the fire the right way

Starting the fire slowly is the best way to burn coal. Use some dry wood pellets and papers to start a fire then gradually add the coal as the fire burns. Once you have a glowing red fire, you can then add more coal to supplement your needs. Given that fact that coal needs oxygen to burn, if you add too much of it at the same time, you may suffocate all the air from it and the production of carbon monoxide will be higher. It could also smother the fire, which would make it harder to burn.

Coal can be an effective and inexpensive way to heat your home. As long as you use it properly, you can be assured of safety and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Get prepped for winter in advance – check out our range of coal today.