Gas bottles in a compartment in a caravan

How To Use Gas Bottles For Camping

Summer is almost here and if you're planning your break, you might well be deciding on that school holiday camping trip with your family to explore the great outdoors. If you are going camping, then you will need to make sure you have all the suitable equipment to make your adventure less stressful. Propane and butane gas cylinders, available here at London Gases, are popular and safe choices to power your cooking and lighting needs while camping.

Here are our top tips for getting the best out of your gas cylinders:

1 Propane or Butane?

All of the gases we sell are varieties of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). Whether you choose propane or butane depends on your needs. If you're travelling to cooler climes, propane is more useful since it can be used at all temperatures. At all other times, we'd recommend butane which has a more efficient burn rate meaning you'll get more out of each bottle.

2 What size do I need?

Weight is everything when you're camping. That means that we'd always recommend a maximum of a 15kg cylinder for any camping trip. London Gases have a wide range and a consultation with our experts might be the best way to decide on what you need.

3 How do I make sure I'm using gas safely?

This may be the most important point. Bottled gas is very safe and, of course, it's always wise to take all possible precautions. First and foremost, use your propane or butane cookers, lights and heaters outdoors only. That means keeping them outside of tents – and of awnings. Make sure that if you change bottles you do so outdoors as well. Always be careful to read the instructions on whatever device you're using.

4 How long will my gas cylinder last?

This depends, naturally, on whether your gas hob is set to full, half full or less. Bear in mind, that you're highly unlikely to keep the hob on full every single time you use it. As a rule of thumb, a Calor 4.5 kg gas cylinder should last you a good five and a half hours of use.

For all of your camping gas requirements and for advice on what's best for you don't hesitate to contact our friendly experts at London Gases.