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Keeping your BBQ gas safe after a BBQ

Now that summer is in full swing, many people will be having BBQs in their back gardens. Whether this is purely for your own family or you invite some friends over, BBQs are always lots of fun. One thing to think about though is safety. This is especially true when the party is over and you are putting your BBQ gas bottles away. But what tips should you know about storing them safely?

Store it in a sensible place

One of the most important tips for storing your BBQ gas safely is where you put it. It is generally agreed that outside in the open air or under a canopy is your best bet. This is because the space is well-ventilated, which will stop fumes from building up if the bottle starts to leak. If you have a well-ventilated shed or garage, then they can also be suitable places for the same reason.

Don't leave it out in the sun though!

Although it is safe to store BBQ gas bottles outside, do not put them in direct sunlight. The pressure inside the bottle will grow in direct sunlight, which could cause them to explode. This is also why putting them next to a heat source is a bad idea. If you do store your BBQ gas outside, make sure it is out of the sun.

Keep the bottle upright

Another great tip is to store your BBQ gas bottle on a flat surface and in an upright position. But why is this? If you store them lying down and/or stacked on top of one another, the bottle valve may get damaged. A damaged valve will start to leak and this then makes the bottle dangerous. Storing your bottles upright removes this risk.

Shut off the gas tap fully

It is always wise to store your gas cylinder totally closed. This is true even if the bottle is empty! Even an apparently empty bottle could have some gas left in which will escape if the gas tap is not fully off. To stay safe, turn the gas tap off fully when not in use.

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