People watching the sunset on the Thames in London

London Outdoor Party Locations 2017

One of the best ways to get through the winter months is to start planning social events and activities for 2017, including scheduling outdoor parties and gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries or just because it’s great fun!

Worried you’ve not got a big enough garden or backyard to use your highly efficient gas BBQ? Good news – you don’t have to hold your outdoor party at home!

London and its surrounding area has abundant parks and open spaces, and though there are restrictions, there are plenty of places that you can set up your gas BBQ, beer kegs and other party kit.

Think about it – party in the park and you have tons of space and no complaints from the neighbours (as long as you pick your picnic spot wisely of course).

There are suggestions below of parks and spaces that welcome both gas BBQs and alcohol, but London Gases puts safety even higher than it puts fun. So please double check with local councils before you organise your party in the park to make sure the rules and regulations haven’t changed. And if you are using a gazebo or marquee for your event, please allow plenty of ventilation to use gas cylinders and BBQs. You must never use gas BBQs inside tents or enclosed spaces – even if it rains, and you think you have plenty of room – as potentially fatal carbon monoxide builds up.

Outdoor BBQ venues in London

Some London parks have designated areas for BBQs – including London Fields in Hackney. This is a popular choice for outdoor entertaining as it has 24-hour access and good facilities.

Caledonia Park in Islington is only open until “dusk” but its wide open spaces mean you can find just the right spot for your gathering.

Camden’s parks offer a choice of places to set up your BBQ, though they too are officially only open until “dusk”. This even includes Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is very central making it easy for everyone to attend.

BBQs in Royal Parks are forbidden, but you are allowed to take alcohol in for your group picnic. So pack up a big picnic, get beer gas for your keg and take your pick of parks. Check the internet for restrictions on the number of people who can “party” in Royal Parks (e.g. Richmond is 40 but St James’ is no more than 20).

You could even piggyback your BBQ party on to one of the festivals and events throughout the London area and beyond. Some events create designated areas for you to use, meaning a gathering of people which can be party central! However, always check with the organisers as some do discourage BBQs. And when you need to stock up on BBQ gas, beer gas or Calor gas, London Gases has everything you need.