Looking for a foolproof way to light your fire? Follow these 3 tips

Anybody with a wood-burning stove or fireplace will know how annoying it is when the fire goes out quickly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your fire last longer.

First, you’ll need…

Make sure your logs are dry and, if your fireplace has a door, open it to air it out.

1. Stack your logs

Start by adding 2 or 3 pieces of firewood to form a bottom layer. The key to a long-lasting fire is letting the wood breathe, so it’s important to keep the pieces spaced out. A space of one centimetre is ideal. Top your first layer with another layer of smaller logs, and place kindling sticks on top of these. The sticks should be laid out in the opposite direction to the first layer of wood.

2. Light your fire

Now, you can light your logs. To ensure that the flame stays lit for longer, try lighting from the bottom to the top. Make sure you have a proper fire going once your first set of wood starts to light up. Good-quality wood means less smoke and more heat. Refrain from using newspaper, as this will cause an excessive amount of smoke and burn the fire quicker. Once you have a flame going, you can close the door of your stove.

3. Tend to it

You can keep your fire burning by adding new pieces of wood and firelighters. Avoid crowding up your stove, as the wood needs space around it to burn properly. Also, make sure that you burn your wood in cycles. To do this, only refill your logs when the room temperature drops. Before ending the fire completely, stir the wood using a stick and make sure all embers and coals have died out.

If you want to avoid using kindling sticks or firelighters altogether, opt for high-efficiency logs such as our heat logs. If you live in London, they’ll be delivered straight to your home, providing a safe and clean alternative to traditional logs.